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Top five IT spending priorities for the recession

Saving money and reducing expenses pave the IT way during the recession.

InfoWorld consulted a range analysts and CIOs to figure out the five technologies IT shops must continue to invest in despite the recession. The common theme, says IDC chief analyst and senior vice president Frank Gens, is that "any technologies that can save companies money or reduce expenses will continue to thrive."

1. Storage: Disks and management software
2. Business intelligence: Niche analytics
3. Virtualization: Optimizing resources
4. Security: Data and end points
5. Cloud computing: Business solutions

These are all very logical, but I fail to see why the Cloud factors so heavily (say in contrast to something like SOA with reusable services.) Sure EC2 can help save money, but it also means you have to change business processes and be subject to variable versus fixed costs for computing resources. Amazon's flexible pricing is great if you know what you are spending, but risky if you don't.

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