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Top 6 sexiest cycles

Design-oriented Web site Inhabitat shows us the summer's top 6 sexiest bicycles.

Skeppshult Bikes

Oooooh bicycles are so very in these days (not that they ever went out... but you must admit you're seeing and hearing about them even more lately). Design-focused blog site Inhabitat has a great list of the top 6 sexiest cycles--and from a design perspective the bikes by Skeppshult Bikes are my pick from the list. Above is the new Skeppshult Ladies Nova (isn't that basket just precious?). And it comes in black! Also, below, check out the sleek silver Z bike, that has--yes, you guessed it--a z-shaped frame. As for what's missing from this list, they really need to add the Puma Urban Mobility Bike, which folds up for easy storage--whether you're putting it in a closet, carrying it on the ferry, or loading it into a car (image below!).

Skeppshult Bikes