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​Top 6 creepiest moments in Boston Dynamics' new robot video

The future of robotics is increasingly upsetting.

Boston Dynamics seems intent on testing the thresholds of human tolerance for creepy robots. The latest video of its newest creation, the SpotMini, feels like proof of this mission.

Instead of editorializing (you can read more at the link above), I'll just let you view its most unsettling moments, each of which sent shivers down my spine.

1. The new, smaller robot crawling under the larger robot.

2. The SpotMini entering a simulated dining room and sneaking behind two men having a conversation.

Boston Dynamics

3. The SpotMini crawling under the dining room table.

Boston Dynamics

4. The giraffe-necked monstrosity dancing around the living room while its skeletal head stays in one place.

Boston Dynamics

5. Watching the robot beast's clawed mouth-hand load the dishes.

Boston Dynamics

6. Watching the SpotMini scramble up the stairs in what's clearly a battle-scarred, simulated test home it's tumbled through many times.

Boston Dynamics

And...yeah, here's the video again.