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Top 5 uses for the Lightcast

Cat hypnotizer? Or holiday decoration?

Meet the Lightcast, the LED projector that hooks up to your iPod (or other digital audio player) and projects a light show to the beat of the music.

Now, there are some obvious uses for this gadget: saving on the cost of a DJ for parties, or adding a visual element to that "mood music" for impressing your latest romantic interest. But here at Crave we like to be creative. So here are, in my educated opinion, five more reasons why you'll totally want a Lightcast in your life.

Can you think of any additions to the list? Post them in the comments and I'll highlight the best ones.

1. Bust out an extension cord, take the Lightcast up to your roof, and use it to enhance your over-the-top holiday decor of choice. Remember to get some good speakers to play those Christmas songs 24/7!

2. Five words: "Dark Side of the Moon." Of course, Crave does not advocate supplementing it with any illicit substances.

3. Hypnotize your cat.

4. Take it to the top of an ancient Mexican pyramid and try to attract the attention of aliens. Hey, Yahoo wants to do it.

5. As a card-carrying member of the Colbert Nation, I must say that if I had a Lightcast, I'd sync it to the beat of the White House Press Correspondents' Dinner speech, set the LEDs to a red-white-and-blue scheme, and meditate about eagles.

Or, if that's not your political style, I bet the techno remix of Sen. Ted Stevens' "The Internet is a series of tubes" speech would make a great light show.

Of course, Sen. Stevens probably thinks that MP3 players are powered by an army of gnomes.

(Photo: Discovery Communications)