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Top 5 uses for Google Glass

Google's smart glasses sound like a cool idea, but how are you really going to use them? Donald bell counts down his list of the top 5 potential uses for Google Glass.

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I have to admit that Google's Project Glass makes me cringe. It's not that it's ugly (which it is), or that it marks the slow creep of computers into our brains (which it does).

What troubles me is the idea of a population of people with streaming-video cameras dangling off their faces. How could that not create a cultural chilling effect? Even if Google disabled all the cameras -- it's just unnerving having one pointed at you.

Gah! Just thinking about it makes me want to craft my tin foil hat and move off the grid. But I'm trying to see the upside to all of this.

So, as an exercise in positive thinking, I've compiled the Top 5 most practical, appreciable upsides to Google Glass.


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