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Top 5 Under the Radar companies

Rafe, Erica, and Josh pick their five faves from Under the Radar: Calgoo, ConceptShare, Sandy, Wufoo, and Xcellery.

Thirty-two start-ups and 11 established companies pitched their Web-based business products at the Under the Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters event last Friday. That's a lot of productivity right there. Webware bloggers Josh Lowensohn and Erica Ogg covered all the start-up pitches--click the "UTR" tag beneath this blog to read about them.

From the 31 start-ups, we picked five favorites (see video). They are:

    • Calgoo has a neat solution for working with schedules from your work and home lives. It's a problem we all have. See previous Webware coverage.

    • Sandy is the new e-mail assistant from the team that makes Stikkit. You cc: "Sandy," the e-mail bot, on your correspondence, and the agent will decipher what you're saying, like "let's have lunch tomorrow," and put the right information in your calendar. It will be very cool, if it works. (See also: Wrike.)

    • Xcellery adds real-time collaboration to Excel spreadsheets. We like the idea of making the spreadsheet tool, which we all know how to use, into a Web 2.0 application. See previous Webware coverage.

    • ConceptShare is a beautiful application for sharing creative work, like photos and layouts. It's targeted at a niche of users (designers and their clients), but it could bring Web-enabled collaboration to a large number of people. See previous Webware coverage.

    • WuFoo is my favorite Web application. It's a simple, cheap, and reliable database service masquerading as a forms designer. We use it (and pay for it) at See previous Webware coverage.