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Top 5 secrets of E3

There's a lot more to the E3 show than meets the eye. Check out our behind-the-scenes secrets for an insider's view.

LA's finest food trucks parked outside E3. Sarah Tew/CNET

For many gamers, going to E3 is an unfulfilled dream. Attendance is tightly controlled (depending on your definition of tight), so unlike a boat show or comic book convention, you can't just buy a ticket and show up.

But if you do someday make it to E3, the show secrets presented heremay help you get the most out of the experience. Regular attendees eventually work out most of these tips, but we're always open to new suggestions--feel free to list your own E3 secrets in the comments section below.

(Note: Also below is a handy list of all my E3 2011 coverage, for those interested in a more behind-the-headlines take on the show.)

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