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Top 5 laptops under $600

Don't call them Netbooks. These inexpensive computers deliver the features of full-fledged laptops costing twice as much.

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If you're looking for a good, affordable laptop, look no further. In this week's Top 5 video (shown above, unless you've crippled your browser with ad-blocker software), I'm rounding up the best laptops under $600.

The list is based on CNET Senior Editor Dan Ackerman's sub-$600 laptop roundup, which is very much worth your time if you'd like to learn more about these laptops.

The ranking was decided according to screen size, assuming that more screen for the money equates to a better value. If you subscribe to the notion that it's not the size of the laptop, but how you use it (wink-wink), then some of the feature-packed 11-inch models might be more to your liking.