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Top 5 game controllers

Let's count down the all-time greatest game controllers, including a top pick chosen by CNET readers.

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Console game controllers get no respect. These days especially, with all the attention paid to mobile games, touch-screen control, and Microsoft Kinect, everyone has lost sight of the irreducible awesomeness of a sweaty gamepad.

With this thought in mind and the hype of E3 2012 fading in the distance, I offer you my best attempt to round up the Top 5 game controllers of all time.

To give the list some editorial authority I used CNET UK's list from 2007 as the foundation, then checked it against our U.S. gaming editors for any updates or substitutions. Finally, to take the pressure off picking the No. 1 spot, I handed that decision over to you in a CNET poll I posted weeks ago (no peeking).

Of course, not everyone will be happy with this list (nor my pick for the worst game controller), so please work out your frustration constructively by leaving a comment. If you missed the vote and you don't want to be left out next time around, be sure to subscribe to my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, or just check back at CNET's Top 5 blog every now and then.