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Top 5 free iPhone games

You could win a slightly used 3D Imperial Star Destroyer puzzle, signed by Molly Wood.

This week's Top 5 has a lot of free stuff. First and foremost, it contains Jason Parker of's Top 5 best free iPhone games. That alone would be enough, but we don't stop at enough. Watch the video and you will receive instructions on how you could win a slightly used 3D puzzle of an Imperial Star Destroyer. And just in case you think that would be enough, it's signed by Molly Wood.

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After you watch the video, come back here to this blog post and you'll know what to do. Do it right and you'll be int he running for the puzzle. As soon as we have 10 qualifying posts below, we'll announce the winner right here in this post. Best of luck!


Say congratulations to Hacker5849 who correctly guessed Jelly Car. I can't believe more folks didn't get it. I dropped a big hint in the video! Best of luck to y'all next time.