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Top 5 dorky things to do in a personal flying saucer

#1: Paint Hello Kitty on the underside.


Here's one that's been making the rounds recently--well, actually, anything remotely pertaining to a "flying car" seems to get a nod on every tech blog within a week. (Hmm, I wonder why?) This one, the Moller M200G, actually seems more along the lines of a personal flying saucer. Allegedly, it's actually in development and will sell for a paltry $125K. You'll be able to zip around about 10 feet off the ground at a speed of 50 miles per hour. (No, eco-geeks, I don't know what the mileage or emissions stats are.) And here's the best part, which I'll leave in the brilliant words of Gizmodo's Adrian Covert: "Because the M200G is classified as a recreation device and not an aircraft, it is not subject to FAA regulations and anybody can operate one."

You hear that? Anybody can operate one! Yes, the example of the Segway has taught us that local governments will probably just ban them anyway (those spoil-sports!) but that stuff's all bureaucratic and such, so if you snap one up quickly, you'll probably have a few months to do the following:

5. Give yourself an aerial tour of the Googleplex. Actually, you probably won't be the only one in a flying saucer around there.
4. Fulfill your corny sci-fi movie fantasy by flying one through a meadow of cows to see what happens.
3. Forget Halloween costumes. This can be, like, a Halloween vehicle. Plus, it might freak out the neighbors enough so that they'd give you extra candy.
2. Let's just say you'll never lose another water balloon fight now.
1. Paint Hello Kitty on the underside. Just do it. Crave mogul Mike Yamamoto will thank you later.

(Via BornRich)