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Top 5 CES vaporware

The products we loved at CES last year that broke our hearts with their lack of reality in 2009.

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Editors' note: Update, ha! Well, this happens sometimes. Turns out that Psyko Audio Labs DID ship some headphones this year and some customers e-mailed with pictures, so it must have happened. My apologies to Psyko Audio! But I'm excited the product is real, because it's a good one.

OK, folks. This is our last Top 5 of the year. And it's obviously meant to sync up with the start of our year when we head to CES first thing in 2010.

So watch the show to get a look at some of the products we loved last year at CES, but seemed to miss on the shelves this year. Then come back here and post in the comments for a chance to win the lame prize.