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Top 5 best products of the summer

The most highly-rated tech products, according to CNET reviewers.

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Once again on this edition of the Top 5 video, we count down the highest-rated products of the past three months. Watch to find out which of the blistering summer releases was rated the highest by CNET editors. There's some stiff competition out there, and some big surprises.

Also remember to post an answer to the trivia question below for a chance to win the retro CNET thumb drive.--so retro it's less than a gigabyte in capacity. It is called "lame prize" after all.

Update: Many below have guessed "Sony PS3 Slim" as the correct answer to the trivia question. The Sony PS3 Slim was not out at the recording of this show, so it was not the "number 6" and not the answer I had in mind. The correct answer still ranks number 6, even if the Slim had been out, because it's user ranking is higher than the Slim's right this second. So keep guessing.