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Top 5 23-inch+ eco-friendly monitors

The top five monitors over 22 inches that will save you the most money on your energy costs.

While not *the* most eco-friendly 23-incher, the BenQ V2400 Eco definitely has the most fake, plastic green grass of any far. Josh P. Miller

Yes, Earth Day is this week, and I know a lot of you tree-huggers out there--those of you who own computers--are probably collectively rolling your eyes at all the eco/green/energy-conscious coverage on the Internets this week.

Speaking for myself, your poser-sensing skills would be right on the money. While I'm no Dr. Blight or anything, I'm not as earth-conscious as I could be in my everyday life.

As a nominal method of atonement, I'll attempt to steer you toward some monitors that should make a positive difference in your overall carbon footprint and definitely save you some cash in the process.

After the jump, you'll find the Top 5 23-inch+ eco-friendly monitors; selected only because of their relatively low yearly costs. Why 23-inch plus models only? Well, hit the link to find out.

Also, we updated our monitor energy consumption comparison chart to be inline with current monitor reviews. Check that out, too.