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Top 10 reasons why you'd miss working

We love to hate it, but I think work is way underrated. Here's why you'd miss it.

A few years ago, I spent three months between jobs.

It wasn't by choice; I ran a company that filed for bankruptcy along with hundreds of others when the tech bubble burst. It took awhile to find a new job. I made the best of it and built a greenhouse.

I had never had so much fun. But when it was done, I got bored. Not only that, but my wife wasn't used to having me home. I took pleasure in hanging around the house and annoying her, but it got old after awhile.

Finally, I faced the fact that I missed working. I know that sounds crazy, but I did.

You know, a big chunk of the people on this planet would give anything for an opportunity to work. It's a privilege to provide products and services in exchange for monetary compensation.

I think we take work for granted. Here are the top 10 reasons you'd miss work:

10. Cubicles. Dilbert gave cubicles a bad rep. But cubicles are like a daytime slumber party. You can goof around, shoot rubber bands, and listen in on other's conversations.

9. Stress relief. The real world is serious stuff: money, health, kids, fighting with the spouse. It may be counter-intuitive, but work is where you get away from all that stress.

8. Money. Scamming people gets old; real money is hard to come by unless you're working.

7. Co-workers. Where else can you meet and interact with so many people you have things in common with? Work is a veritable cornucopia of friendship possibilities.

6. Free office supplies. Come on, we all do it.

5. Weekends and vacations. If you're not working, weekends and vacations wouldn't be half as much fun.

4. Dysfunctional boss. What else would you and your co-workers have to bitch about over beers if not your abusive, dysfunctional boss?

3. Fluorescent lights. OK, I got nothing here. They suck.

2. Anecdotes. Work provides an endless supply of dysfunctional anecdotes. Sure, you can talk about politics, religion, and kids, but those topics get old fast.

1. No housework. The only get-out-of-housework-free card I know is working. The harder you work and the more money you make, the less housework you have to do.

We love to hate it, but I think work is way underrated. What do you think?