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Top 10 notebooks of May's top notebooks from May.

Most Popular Laptops

Performance is a major factor to consider when determining which notebook is right for you, yet this needs to be balanced with other considerations, such as portability and price.'s most popular laptops of May covers the whole gamut: ultraportables, thin-and-lights, mainstream budget notebooks and desktop replacements.

Note: Results are based on the number of hits attained for each laptop on the notebook subcategory.

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1. Toshiba M40
The M40 boasts an impressive array of the latest notebook technologies, especially for those with a multimedia bent, although it could do with running a little quieter and cooler.
2. HP Compaq Business Notebook nx6120
Students going for affordability and connectivity options could give this a go.
3. Dell Inspiron 9300
With this Inspiron, users get the chance to experience powerful graphics at an affordable price.
4. Sony VAIO VGN-T27GP
It's not a machine that's suitable for long-term work, but if you're after a great-looking truly portable laptop, then the VAIO T27 fits the bill nicely.
5. ThinkPad R52
Businesses seeking a sturdy, secure, portable workhorse should consider the ThinkPad R52.
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6. ThinkPad T43
The ThinkPad T43 puts new components inside its tried-and-true case, but the updated parts didn't produce a significant speed or battery-life boost.
7. Dell Latitude X1
Executives searching for a very light business notebook could well consider the Latitude X1.
8. Toshiba Tecra M3
The thin-and-light Tecra M3 has a nice design and adequate performance for basic office tasks, but power users will be disappointed by the laptop's mediocre speed and battery life.
9. Sony VAIO A39GP
Sony's sexy entertainment-focused baby offers the best in multimedia and tech-specs. You know you want it, but can you afford it?
10. Fujitsu LifeBook E8020H
For geeks who want the best in technology, the LifeBook E8020H caters to that need, though the high price may be quite a turn-off.