Top 10 most popular desktops of 2009

Our list of the 10 most popular desktops on CNET for 2009.

Our list of 10 most popular desktops follows the same rules as the lists from the otherproductcategories. Because it's based on click volume, the desktops listed skew toward those that have been around longer, as well as those that received the most promotion (such as spending time on our list of Editor's Top Desktops).

You'll find a few reviews on the list from 2008, some of which are still lingering in stock at various online retailers. We advise you not to buy those old systems, as they've all been updated since we posted their reviews.

Our slideshow below breaks the most popular desktops down in order from most to least popular. We've provided a few other numbers after the jump.

  • Apple products on our Top 10 list: 4
  • Number of those you can still buy from Apple: 1
  • All-in-ones on our list: 3
  • All-in-ones with touch input: 0
  • iMacs: 3
  • Desktops from Dell: 2
  • Desktops from a company owned by Acer: 2
  • High-end gaming PCs on this list: 2
  • High-end gaming PCs from the boutique subsidiary of a mainstream PC company: 0
  • High-end gaming PCs from a mainstream-owned boutique submitted for review in 2009: 0
  • Nettops in our Top 10: 0
  • Our level of happiness at the lack of Nettops, on a scale of 1-10: 10

That's the list. Have your own personal top 10 list, observations from ours, complaints, or holiday tidings? Let us know in the comments.

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