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Tool time for Microsoft

In Denmark, Gates outlines effort to trim data managment costs, new Windows update service. Also: Angling for Novell users.

In Denmark, Bill Gates outlines an ambitious effort to trim the cost of managing corporate data and unveils a Windows update service. Also: Angling for Novell users.

New Windows update tool makes debut

That's not all. Microsoft also has new tools geared to help cut costs of managing corporate data.
November 16, 2004

Gates: Forget your passwords

Biometric and smart-card technology will replace passwords to verify ID, Microsoft's chairman says. Again.
November 16, 2004

Microsoft offers goodies to lure Novell customers

Firm will pay some transition costs for companies that want to move from the NetWare OS onto servers running Windows.
November 16, 2004

Fact and fiction in the Microsoft-SCO relationship

FAQ SCO's fight against Linux has conspiracy theorists buzzing over Microsoft's role in the affair. What are the facts?
November 15, 2004

Former Microsoft exec joins open-source project

One of the guys behind Microsoft's "Halloween memo" regarding Linux is now working on open-source media software.
November 15, 2004

Dell, Microsoft make a patch pact for servers

The industry heavyweights want to ease a major "pain point" for their customers, Dell's CEO says.
November 15, 2004