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Tonium Pacemaker review and photos

Donald Bell offers his review of the Tonium Pacemaker DJ MP3 player.

Photo of the Tonium Pacemaker MP3 player.
The Tonium Pacemaker with its still-fresh-from-the-box peach fuzz. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

Announced back in May of 2007, we were beginning to wonder if the Tonium Pacemaker pocket DJ system would ever actually roll off the assembly line. Lo and behold, the fickle DJ gods have smiled, and the Tonium Pacemaker arrived on my desk just days ago.

Following their efforts creating the Pacemaker online mix community and their free Mac and PC DJ editing software, the folks at Tonium have done well to lay a solid foundation under their first product. At a cost of about $800, however, the Pacemaker is not for everyone.

To find out if it's right for you, head over to my full review and take a look through our Crave photo gallery.