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TomTom sat-nav battles iPhone in Greatest Gadget death match

The TomTom Go Live sat-nav has already beaten the MacBook Pro and the iMac in our Greatest Gadget tournament. Now it's aiming to polish off the iPhone, for an Apple-flavoured hat trick.

The TomTom Go Live sat-nav has so far been the heroic underdog in our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament. Now, having beaten three other gadgets into bloody submission, it faces its toughest opponent yet, the iPhone.

Initially, the Go Live squared up against the Alienware M11x gaming laptop, and proceeded to give it a thorough thrashing. It took 77 per cent of the public vote, thereby proving that you don't need a processor capable of powering a small island nation to win the hearts of technophiles.

Not the most glamorous of gadgets, the Go Live went on to destroy the MacBook Pro in the second round, before polishing off the iMac in the quarter finals. Now the TomTom has the opportunity to score an Apple-shaped hat trick, courtesy of its contest against the iPhone.

The iPhone has cruised through the competition thus far, brushing the blood of rival gadgets off its silky lapels with an air of contempt. It's an iconic gadget alright, but is it possible that the touchscreen titan has met its match?

Currently the iPhone has the TomTom pinned down, having won 56 per cent of the votes. That's a slim margin, though, and the sat-nav could still win the battle.

Which gadget do you think deserves to win? We love them both, but only one can move forward to the finals, while one must be booted out of the airlock. Head on over to our voting page to have your say.