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TomTom GO 720 announced with new community features

TomTom announces its new TomTOm GO 720 in-car GPS device with Map Share community features.

TomTom GO 720
TomTom GO 720 TomTom

One of the biggest concerns for current and potential GPS device owners is the currency of maps. Do I have the latest information? When should I update my maps, and how? While most portable nav manufacturers have their own scheduled releases, TomTom is going one step further to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information possible. Today, the company introduced its latest portable navigation system, the TomTom GO 720, with a new feature called TomTom Map Share that allows you to make adjustments to your maps (such as noting blocked roads, updating points of interest, adding new streets, and so on) and then share the information with other drivers. You can make the changes right on your device using the GO 720's 4.3-inch touch screen, save them, and then upload and share them with other users via the TomTom HOME desktop companion. You'd be correct to be concerned about the legitimacy of user updates, which is why you can opt to only download data verified by TomTom experts.

TomTom GO 720
Talk to other drivers with TomTom Map Share TomTom

Other features of the TomTom GO 720 include preloaded maps of the North America, integrated Bluetooth for hands-free phone operation, text-to-speech functionality, a built-in FM transmitter, and new safety features. For example, the "Help Me!" function will tell you where you can find the nearest police station, hospital, or car service center, based on your current location. It even has voice-recording capabilities, so if you just love the sound of your own voice, you can get your voice prompts that way or via your children, friends, or family. The TomTom GO 720 is expected to ship at the end of July for $499.