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TomTom debuts ONE 130/130S and XL 330/330S entry-level GPS

TomTom announces four new entry-level portable navigation systems--the TomTom ONE 130, TomTom ONE 130S, TomTom XL 330, and TomTom XL 330S--to succeed its current ONE and XL GPS devices.

TomTom ONE 130
TomTom ONE 130 TomTom

Today, TomTom introduced the latest models to its ONE and XL line of entry-level portable navigation systems, complete with a fresh redesign and new mounting system. Succeeding the current TomTom ONE 3rd Edition and the TomTom XL, the TomTom ONE 130/ONE 130S and the TomTom XL 330/XL 330S boast a slimmer frame and come packaged with the new EasyPort mount, which apparently, you can keep attached to the GPS, fold it down, and still manage to fit into a pants pocket. (Anyone else wondering about how these mounts will hold up during road tests?)

All four models will come preloaded with maps of North America and will be compatible with the TomTom Home and TomTom Map Share services, which give you access to the latest maps, more content (points of interest, weather, and so forth), and other community features. They also have larger, enhanced speakers that should make voice-guided directions easier to hear.

The TomTom ONE 130 and ONE 130S are expected to ship sometime in May for $199.95 and $249.95, respectively. Both have 3.5-inch screens and the 130S adds text-to-speech functionality for street pronunciations. Similarly, the TomTom XL 330S ($299.95) also has the text-to-speech directions, while the XL 330 ($249.99) does not. The XL series ups the screen size to 4.3 inches. Now, we love variety, but it seems like a no-brainer that if you're making the investment and you can get text-to-speech directions for just $50, why not? We are in line to receive the ONE 130S in the next couple of days, so hang tight for a full review.