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Tomorrow Daily: CNET's new show is for the Tech Obsessed

Ashley Esqueda and CNET alum Rich DeMuro host CNET's new tech talk show. We've got a new preview for you, and an official launch date.

I almost exploded with happiness last week when we announced our new show, Tomorrow Daily, and today, we've got a second little promo video for you to check out.

Now playing: Watch this: CNET's newest show is for the Tech Obsessed

My co-host Rich DeMuro and I are downright obsessed with technology; we've been nuts about anything with an electronic pulse since we were kids, so we were thrilled to have the chance to make a show that celebrates tech and all the craziness that comes along with it. And since Tomorrow Daily is...well, daily, you should know who you'll be spending your time with.

That being said, we also want to get to know YOU! Even though we don't want to spoil the surprises we have in store, you'll be a part of the show! So send a tweet to our official Twitter account, or just leave a comment below and tell us how you're tech-obsessed.

We might even read your answer on the air come launch day...which I can happily announce will be June 16!

P.S.: RIP, WebOS. I'll never forget you!