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Tomorrow Daily 140: Google's Atari AI, a futuristic doghouse for £20,000 and more

We check out a robot that could be a precursor to dinosaur robots, an extravagant doghouse full of luxury amenities, and an AI build from Google that learns to play Atari games without knowing the rules.

The weekend is coming, but before you all prancercise off into the sunset, you'll want to check out this week's show. First, there's an AI from Google that doesn't know any of the rules to 39 different Atari 2600 games, but learns how to improve after hundreds of play sessions and develops its own strategies over time. Then, we discuss Pleurobot, a robot that looks and moves eerily like a real-life salamander, and could be the first major step towards developing dinosaur robots.

Lastly, we almost die of shock at the outrageous price tag attached to Samsung's luxury doghouse. Like Khail said, there's not even a place for your dog to pee inside it, and what good is a fancy doghouse without a bathroom? You'd have to remodel right after buying it.

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