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Tomorrow Daily 136: Bionic reconstruction, a real armored Batsuit and more

On today's show, we talk about three Austrian men who volunteered to have their hands amputated for science, a Philadelphia student's truly armored Batsuit and a robot that will write handwritten notes for you.

We know you're all out celebrating net neutrality, but we hope you take a few minutes to check out our show today. There's a good bunch of stories today, you know: three men who volunteered amputating their hands off so they could become bionic; an industrial design student who decided to create a practical, protective Batsuit; and Bond, the robot who can write beautiful, handwritten notes for you if your penmanship is terrible.

Did we mention we hosed down Khail to test the water-repelling power of the Threadsmiths white tee? That shirt might be white, but still he smells like all the things we poured on him. Gross!

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Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

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