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Tomorrow Daily 130: Firefighting robots, BitTorrent's original content plans and more

On today's show, we show you a robot putting out fires on Naval ships, discuss BitTorrent's plans to start cranking out original content, and check out a smart air conditioning system that follows you around a room.

We're back from a three-day weekend with a new show, but we should probably let you know that we pretaped it -- Ashley's precious dog Bailey had surgery this past weekend, and won't be in the studio this week. Of course, we didn't want to leave you without Ashley and Khail for an entire week, so we figured making an advance show for Tuesday would be a good compromise, and then we'd have some super-cool guests in to talk about fun stuff the rest of the week.

Today, we're discussing a Navy robot that might become part of standard firefighting equipment on ships, why BitTorrent is making a run at original content (hint: it's going for those YouTube celebs fed up with revenue problems) and an air-conditioning system that only activates if it detects a person moving under it. That last story comes from the same architect who came up with a heating system made of an infrared beam focused on individual people moving through a building, so we can't wait to tell you all about it.

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