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Tomorrow Daily 128: Google's newest robo-dog, Wi-Fi sheep and more

On today's show, we feel slightly charmed by Google's new four-legged robot, learn more about how sheep can become Wi-Fi hotspots and discuss an oral hearing aid that hopes to someday use a patient's tongue to "hear."

We're headed toward the weekend, but that doesn't mean we're slowing down! We've got some awesome news for you today, ensuring that you're easily the smartest person in the room at the next party you attend. You'll get to see Google's newest robot, Spot. It's about the size of a large dog, and can walk, run and climb stairs with little effort. There's also a story about farmers attaching sensors to their very own flocks of sheep (and other animals, depending on where you are in the world) to create Wi-Fi hotspots for internet access.

Our last headline revolves around an engineer attempting to make a futuristic hearing aid that works inside your mouth: instead of a cochlear implant, this device would fit like a retainer inside a patient's mouth and, with some brain training, let them "hear" via impulses sent through their tongue's nerves. Oh, and we've got our verdict on The Marvel Experience Tour, so don't miss that!

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