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Tomorrow Daily 094: Amazon's newest robot helpers, a portable video gaming trailer and more

On today's show, we check out Amazon's fleet of 15,000 robot helpers, an eBay auction for a trailer containing 25 playable Xbox 360 consoles, light-painting Swiss robots creating 8-bit art, and a pizza bed Kickstarter.

It's Cyber Monday, so we hope you've been finding all kinds of great deals on stuff-you-can't-wait-for-other-people-to-buy-you for the holidays. Aside from that, we're checking out lots of interesting items this afternoon, like Amazon's new robot assistants and a trailer that's literally an Xbox 360 gaming party on wheels.

Khail might also be freaking out about the pizza bed. Thanks to Alec for sending us an email about it!

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Tomorrow Daily 094 [mp3]: Amazon's newest robot helpers, a portable video gaming trailer and more

Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

  • Amazon introduces its Kiva robots helping its eighth-gen fulfillment centers
  • eBay user is auctioning a trailer with 25 Xbox 360s installed inside
  • Swiss Thymio robots create 8-bit light art with the help of clever software
  • Back It or Hack It: The Pizza Bed
  • User Feedback: Your #TDMeme and #TDFans tweets, and our Phonetographer of the Day

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