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Tomorrow Daily 089: Multifunctional home robots, high-tech food service, computer magic and more

On today's show, we discuss a futuristic home robot with swappable peripherals, a Parisian restaurant using wearables, tablets and phones to organize its kitchen and one university's quest to teach a computer magic tricks.

Ever since we laid eyes on Rosie the Robot from "The Jetsons," all we've ever wanted is a sassy robot maid to help us around the house. The Patin concept from Flower Robotics in Japan isn't quite a fully functioning android who can dust and make our meals, but the robot does feature a swappable peripheral socket, making its potential pretty vast (not to mention exciting).

Would you pick up a little robot like this one, and if you did, what kind of accessory would you want for it? Khail would probably want a Patin with an optional pizza oven attachment, and Ashley would definitely pick one that makes pancakes. Easy.

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