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Tomorrow Daily 024: Art by chainsaw-wielding robot, Sharknado light shows, and more

On today's show, we get weirded out by the robot who can learn a new gait after it's injured, discuss Sharknado's enhanced viewing experience with Philips Hue light bulbs, and watch a chainsaw-using robot carve wood into art.

It's our last show of the week, and we're going out with a bang. We've got robots who can adjust their gait after being incapacitated, a crazy light-syncing experience for your "Sharknado 2" viewing party (if you've got some Philips Hue bulbs lying around), and an artist using a gigantic robot arm with a chainsaw at the end to carve up his artwork.

We'll be back Monday with a special Comic-Con edition of the show. Don't miss it!

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Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

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