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Tomorrow Daily 001: The Pilot

It's time for the first official episode of CNET's newest show, Tomorrow Daily. Join Ashley Esqueda and Rich DeMuro as they talk shop about the coolest stuff in tech, including Amazon's newest teaser, a new kind of drone, overzealous Kings fans...

Whew, it's finally here -- the inaugural episode of Tomorrow Daily is ready to entertain you. We're tackling all kinds of tech news and products today, from Amazon's weird children's book teaser to Domino's new way to order a pizza. Please enjoy our first episode, and come back tomorrow for more.

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Tomorrow Daily 001 [Audio Podcast]

If you're interested in checking out anything we mentioned on the show today, here are some handy links!

Amazon's newest smartphone teaser is...a children's book

The IXS Enterprise (we wish it were real)

Aaron Paul controls your Xbox One now

AirDog on Kickstarter

Domino's newest virtual pizza assistant

Crazy Kings fans take down a drone at Staples Center

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