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Tom Hardy to star as Venom in Spider-Man spin-off movie

Some fans are disappointed that the film won't cross over with the already established Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The "Venom" is spreading. On Friday, Sony Pictures confirmed that Tom Hardy (Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises," "Taboo") will play Eddie Brock/Venom in the 2018 film about the fan favorite supervillain with the terrible teeth.

Fans on Twitter seemed pretty psyched about the casting.

Others were disappointed -- not by Hardy's casting, but because Sony's "Venom" is not a joint production with Marvel Studios, and Tom Holland, who stars in the upcoming "Spider-Man: Homecoming," won't appear in it.

Still, some were just happy Topher Grace wouldn't be back in the role he played in 2007's "Spider-Man 3."

Mark your calendars for Oct. 5, 2018, to see Hardy's alien symbiote take over theaters.