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Tom Cruise, will you be my friend on Buddy Beacon?

Actor spotted with a Helio phone. Oops, I called it a phone.

I have a Helio Drift phone (oops, I called it a phone) and while my friends love to make fun of me for it, I think it's a great handset. The display is awesome, the 3G Internet works great, and Helio's interface is really cool. Cool phone. Highly recommended.

Only problem is that I don't actually know anyone else who has a GPS-enabled Helio, and consequently my Dodgeball-like "Buddy Beacon" feature, which lets you track your friends' locations through a Google Maps mashup, doesn't get a whole lot of use. But then I saw this photo on Geeksugar:


See that little flame logo on the back of Tom Cruise's camera phone? Yeah, he has a Helio! You think maybe he uses Buddy Beacon to keep tabs on all his little Scientology peons (or spy on Katie)? Sure, Cruise might be a notorious whack-job these days, but I could still use some more friends on Helio. C'mon, Tom, adding me to your Buddy Beacon will give you a few extra "thetans" or whatever they're called. Xenu told me so. Or...wait, is he the bad guy? I can never keep my Scientology history straight.