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Tom Bihn TSA-approved bag a laptop-lugger's dream

Computerworld rounds up eight TSA-approved bags; the $220 Tom Bihn bag is the winner.

Tom Bihn

In August, the TSA started allowing travelers who use laptop bags designed to certain specifications (see below or visit the site) to pass through security scanning without pulling the laptop out of their bag. I don't believe for a second that this will stop screeners from making you remove your laptop, but here's hoping.

Manufacturers, of course, took advantage of the new regulations to release bags that meet the requirements. (You probably needed a new bag anyway, right?) Computerworld rounded eight of them up to see which bag would not only zip you through security, but not leave longing for pockets, padding, and Velcro closures.

Prices ranged from $49.95 to $225 with its favorite being the $220 Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer Briefcase, winning for the bag's "good looks, expert pocketry, and three hinged compartments that fold up into a compact case."