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Tokyo Motor Show first impressions

Tokyo Motor Show first impressions

The Tokyo Motor Show isn't quite as big as last month's Frankfurt show, but the emphasis is different. At Frankfurt, most exhibitors had their entire model lines on display. Tokyo is all about innovation, hence the show's tagline, Driving Tomorrow. It's the perfect show for CNET Car Tech. There are an abundance of concepts here, and automakers are also using the opportunity to show off in special exhibits the research that hasn't made it into the cars yet. I'll be writing up a slide show on concepts that, because of the quantity, will be broken up into two parts: standard engine and alternative fuel vehicles. I'm also seeing a lot of high-tech displays from OEM and aftermarket manufacturers for entertainment/navigation systems, LED lights, and heads-up displays. In classic Tokyo style, many booths have models wearing costumes reminiscent of anime. Another emphasis I've noticed here are cars designed for the handicapped: little wagons that help the driver get inside while handily stowing a wheelchair in back. Even many of the concepts have features to make it easier for people to get in and out.