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Today's kids react to video rental stores: 'The old days were weird'

Watch the next generation try to understand the concept behind the Blockbuster movie rental stores of yesteryear in this latest "Kids React" video from the Fine Brothers.

Remember when everyone used VHS tapes and VCRs for home entertainment? Spending Friday night at Blockbuster Video searching for the perfect movie to rent for the weekend was the norm.

Today's kids, who download all their entertainment digitally, will never know the excitement of running around a Blockbuster Video, grabbing a new movie and begging their parents to rent it for them... until now.

In the latest "Kids React" video by new-media production duo Benny and Rafi Fine (aka the Fine Brothers), children 7 to 13 learn all about movie rental brick-and-mortar stores, including late fees and membership cards.

"Some of the kids had truly never heard of the concept of a video store," Benny Fine said. "They know about Redbox, but they don't equate it to the idea of a store. It's interesting how paying for Netflix feels reasonable, but paying to rent a movie on a per-video basis is so out there to them."

The video, posted Tuesday, not only shows kids completely confused by the concept of having to leave the house just to rent a movie, but also the idea of being charged late fees if the movie wasn't returned on time.

"You guys were really patient," Caden, age 12, says. Adds Samirah, age 10, "The old days were weird!"