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Today's deals: 99-cent iPhone screen protectors, $10 sport earbuds, $18 wireless Switch controller, more

You can also outfit your desk with a wireless keyboard for just $18.

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Here's an April Fools' prank I could have lived without. Tuesday the thermometer hit 70 degrees; this morning, 26 and a blizzard. Oh, Michigan, you so crazy.

Also crazy: Some of today's deals. I mean, 99 cents to cover your iPhone screen in protective glass? Yes, please. As always, these items are available for a limited time and while supplies last. All codes and coupons were tested and working at the time of this writing.


Amazon seller: Mkeke

Price: 99 cents with promo code EAOYJ7JU

Even if your phone lives in a case, a hard drop can crack the screen. I've seen this firsthand. I've also seen what can happen if there's a tempered-glass screen protector covering the display: it cracks instead. Then you can just peel it off and replace it.

Today, it's just a buck to get three of these protectors for your iPhone XR or iPhone 11. And the user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. This is a no-brainer. Buy it.


Amazon seller: SoundPARA Audio

Price: $9.89 with on-page $15-off coupon and promo code 174G3CCI

If you find that typical earbuds fall out of your ears, especially while exercising, try these. They're sport-friendly, in part thanks to their over-the-ear hooks and in part because they're IPX7-rated waterproof.

Dudios promises an impressive 8 hours of operation on a charge. Then it's back into the charging case, which uses USB-C for power.

Take note, however, that although "active noise cancellation" is listed in one spot, the earbuds do not offer that feature. They rely on passive noise-canceling, meaning an inner-ear seal that helps reduce outside noise.


Amazon seller: Thousandshores

Price: $18 with on-page 40%-off coupon

Home-office tip: Stop hunching over that cramped laptop keyboard. Instead, get a roomy replacement. Like this one, which connects to tiny USB receiver and works with just about any computer -- Windows, Mac, whatever you've got.

It's a stylish, stainless-steel keyboard with white, matte-finish keys, a dedicated numeric keypad and a battery good for up to 90 hours of typing.


Amazon seller: Lisebelonne

Price: $18 with promo code 8B9UVAQT

Most Nintendo Switch owners are happier with a wireless controller. Many such controllers are available on Amazon for $25-$40. This one: $18. What more can I say? ūüėú

Here's hoping you have a relatively normal day -- unless you're into the whole April 1 thing, in which case prank it up!

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