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Today only: Return of $29 Wasabi pocket printer

Sellout risk: huge. Dell's zero-ink printer is a fun little gizmo that normally sells for $99. If you get there in time, you can score one for a fraction of the price.

One of the most popular deals I posted in 2009 was the Dell Wasabi PZ310 pocket printer for $29 shipped. Well, guess what? It's back--and I guarantee it won't last the day.

Indeed, in the interest of getting this deal out to you as quickly as possible, I'm going to repurpose (OK, plagiarize) my original post:

The Wasabi is a Dell-branded version of one of those zero-ink (aka ZINK) printers that made headlines last year. That means it uses, duh, zero ink; instead heating the crystals embedded in special photo paper.

Consequently, the printer is tiny, measuring just 0.9 inch thick by 4.8 inches long by 2.9 inches wide and weighing a mere eight ounces (with its rechargeable battery installed).

So the Wasabi can literally ride around in a pocket and churn out prints ondemand. Prints from where? Any PictBridge-compatible camera or, better yet, most Bluetooth-equipped camera phones. (Sadly, it doesn't work with iPhones--unless they're jailbroken.)

I grabbed one of these the last time around, and it's been a fun little toy. The 2x3-inch prints aren't spectacular, but you gotta love the instant gratification.

By the way, if black's not your color or it's sold out, the $29 deal also extends to the pink model.