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Today only: Celebrate Leap Day with a $50 delivery order from 7-11 for just $21

Or celebrate Leap Day the way ancient Romans did, with up to five 7-11 pizzas for $2.29 each.

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As we all learned in grade school, the ancient Romans celebrated Leap Day by bingeing on inexpensive pizza. At least that's my recollection; I didn't pay close attention in history class. The good news is that since I didn't learn from history, I'm doomed to repeat it. Today only -- Feb. 29 -- you can buy up to five freshly baked pizzas from participating 7-11 stores for just $2.29, which is 67% off the regular price per pie. You can order your Leap Pizzas and have them delivered right to your door through 7-11's 7NOW app for iOS or 7NOW for Android. You can also download the app from 7-11's 7NOW online store

The $2.29 deal applies to any of 7-11's three pizzas: the triple cheese, pepperoni or extreme meat. If you order more than five pizzas, any additional ones cost the usual $7 each.

The news gets better, because if you've never used the 7NOW app before, 7-11 wants to persuade you to try it out. Today only, you can get up to $50 in purchases for delivery for just $21. To get the deal, apply the promo code 29OFF50 at checkout.

I can't think of a better way to spend a day that only comes around once every four years than by eating Leap Pizza. Remember, though: The deal only applies to orders placed in the app, so you can't use the 7NOW website, and it's only valid until midnight tonight (in your local time zone). 

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