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Today is UK's biggest online shopping day. Maybe.

Today is Mega Monday, the day when the UK gets most of its online shopping done. Unless it's a different day of course.

What are you doing?! Stop reading this! You should be doing your Christmas shopping online now. For today is Mega Monday, the biggest day of the year for online shopping.

Visa reckons that UK online sales will peak today, with 4.8 million transactions occurring before the day's end, with an estimated total of £303m spent on credit and debit cards, the Guardian reports.

Spending will skyrocket at 1pm as people use their lunch break to pick out a cool new Blu-ray movie for a beloved brother. Then again at 7pm once they get home and remember that their brother doesn't own anything that plays Blu-rays, so buying him one could be interpreted as an attempt to cruelly poke fun at his modest income.

Predicting when the biggest day for online shopping will actually occur is understandably tricky. While Visa seems pretty sure that today is the day, last year both 29 November's 'Mega Monday'  and 22 November's 'Manic Monday' were both declared the biggest day for online shopping.

Amazon has 5 December pinned as this year's big spend, which is also a Monday. We'd like to take this opportunity to claim the name, 'Monstrous Monday'.

Should a day other than Monday turn out to be this year's peak of online extravagance, we're going to need alliterative names prepared in advance. So far we've got 'Web-crazy Wednesday' and, er, Shopping-on-the-Internet Saturday.

They are not good names. So stick your suggestions in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall, where we also want to know how much of your Christmas spending will be taking place online.