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Toaster adds 'a bit more'

The Breville Premium Plastic Toaster may look like an ordinary toaster, but convenient features gives it a modern edge.

Turn bread into toast a bit at a time.
Turn bread into toast a bit at a time. Williams Sonoma

Kitchens are full of precise measurements--and quite a few that are not.

Cooking has evolved to the point where the creation of delicate dishes has become commonplace. Knowledge is freely available, and all that is required is a little time, patience, and the correct equipment. Yet still, cooking ultimately comes down to the simple equation of food plus fire equals good. And contrary to popular belief, we have still not yet tamed fire.

The inaccuracy that is intrinsic to everyday cooking is no cause for alarm. At least when it comes to toast. The Breville Premium Plastic Toaster combines old-school styling with a couple of modern features. The toaster includes a monitoring process in the form of a "lift and look" feature that allows for midcycle adjustments. Perhaps more engaging is the inclusion of a button that speaks the language of the eater; there can be no mistake about the utility of a button labeled "A Bit More."

Much like steak changes significantly when subjected to prolonged cooking, toast is sensitive to varying degrees of doneness. There is no formula for such; we just know how we like it. Sometimes, despite all the precision equipment that populates the kitchen, all we really need to know is when something just isn't quite done yet.