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Toast (and toaster ovens) always in style

The DeLonghi Six-Slice Toaster Oven offers convenience and versatility.

Ready for toast and more. Crate and Barrel

Toast is always in fashion. Perhaps that's why when we raise our glasses to celebrate something we call it a toast--or maybe not. (Actually, it may just be.) Whether toasted bread and toasting drinks have anything historically to do with each other, the fact of the matter is that toast is delicious, and we need a way to make it.

Toaster ovens are convenient little contraptions offering much more versatility than the simple toasters of the past. The DeLonghi Six-Slice Toaster Oven marries that versatility with convenience and packages it into one attractive unit. Featuring clean lines reminiscent of old fashioned two-slice pop up toasters, the boxy appliance offers a half cubic foot of interior cooking space. A round extended back allows room for a 12-inch pizza to be inserted, while controls accommodate a range of cooking styles including: baking, broiling, slow baking, and warming.

To facilitate the use of this toaster oven, accessories are included. Along with the obligatory crumb tray, you will get a nonstick bake pan, a broil tray, and a wire rack complete with room for pizza. With a brushed stainless-steel finish and a clever housing, the toaster oven is sure to inspire some toasts of your own.