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To Jobs, Microsoft and Google 'just don't get it' (video)

Apple CEO Steve Jobs shared some harsh words about Microsoft and Google in a taped interview with his authorized biographer Walter Isaacson.

Listen to Steve Jobs as he talks about what these two tech giants were lacking in this excerpt from "60 Minutes Overtime" (starting around 0:46 in the video):

Walter Isaacson taped many of his interview sessions with the notoriously private Steve Jobs and learned a great deal about the complex life and personality of a man who typically shunned the public eye. Isaacson shared the tapes with "60 Minutes" to help bring the more than 40 interviews he did to life.

As producer Graham Messick points out, these recordings were made on walks and in Jobs' own home. If you listen closely during the "60 Minutes" broadcast (this Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT) you can hear birds chirping, doors slamming and kids playing.

Isaacson was interviewed in his Georgetown home, and in this excerpt, the historian and former editor of Time Magazine talks to "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft about some of the other modern day giants, and rivals Jobs saw in Silicon Valley.

Isaacson tells a story, which goes to the heart of what a complicated character Steve Jobs was, about his mentoring of Google's Larry Page. Finally, listen as Steve Jobs takes aim at both Microsoft and Google in Isaacson's audio interview tape.