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To err is human, even online

New media's credibility ratings remain high with Netizens, a study shows, but the potential for posting misinformation is high as well.

New media's credibility ratings remain high with Netizens, a new study shows. But the potential for posting misinformation--or posting accurate information before its time--remains high as well, as demonstrated by two embarrassing errors that took place in the same week.

New media largely accurate
The inadvertent release on the Internet of sensitive U.S. economic data was hardly the first such snafu in cyberspace, but such mistakes remain the exception.

Labor Department report scooped
The agency is investigating why part of its October payrolls report was released early on the Internet.

Election site jumps the gun
Thanks to an embarrassing snafu, voters across the country learn who won the election--before the votes were ever cast.