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To complete your day, the Windows 7 Whopper

And you thought you'd seen every Windows 7 promotion...

Much less healthy than the actual operating system.

While Microsoft's new operating system finally hits stores and computers around the globe, we thought we'd lighten up Windows 7 launch day with the strangest promotional item we've seen for an operating system: the Windows 7 Whopper.

Available in Japan for a limited time, it stacks seven patties into an impossibly caloric 5-inch-tall structure, all for a special price of 777 yen ($8.50); at least, for the first 30 customers. That's a little more than $8 for what must be a two-week supply of char-meat. It's a strange cross-promotion for software that's being touted as "leaner and meaner."

No, this isn't a joke. But perhaps you'd care to tear into one of these while you do a fresh install of Windows 7 on top of Windows XP. Sadly, Windows 7 is not included with the purchase of this burger (not even Starter edition).

All we want to know is, where is our Snow Leopard Snack Wrap? Android apple pie? Ubuntu udon?

This makes Microsoft's Windows 7 Party video seem almost normal.

(Via Electronista)