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Build a better chicken roaster

The Williams-Sonoma Ultimate Chicken Roaster suspends the bird over the cooking surface. The chicken contraption is designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Hanging out with the Williams-Sonoma Ultimate Chicken Roaster.
Hanging out with the Williams-Sonoma Ultimate Chicken Roaster. Williams-Sonoma

They say if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. Perhaps. But if you really want the whole world knocking on your front door (and who doesn't?) the way to get them there is to lure them in with the scent of food cooking. To bring the Emerson idiom to life and up to date, one way might be to build a better chicken roaster.

The Williams-Sonoma Ultimate Chicken Roaster is a new chicken roasting contraption for indoor and outdoor use. Suspending the bird above the cooking surface, the gadget offers a unique way to cook a whole chicken. Consisting of adjustable cavity tongs and a framing device, the stainless steel structure supports the weight of the bird while keeping it elevated to allow full 360-degree heat circulation. Think rotisserie chicken without the rotisserie.

The chicken cookware promises evenly cooked chicken, but it is easy to see there will be some trial and error when used over an open flame. Before one cries fowl however, consider the price: $30 seems like a fair price to pay for an easy-to-use portable chicken making contrivance -- once one gets the hang of it. But the ultimate question is, of course, is it a better chicken roaster? Naturally, the answer is to put a chicken on the grill and open the front door to find out.