TMZ clips to be featured on MySpaceTV

Branded channel will include a few new TMZ clips each week, plus nonexclusive offerings.

We hadn't spotted it yet on MySpaceTV's "featured channels" list, but the Hollywood Reporter says that AOL's entertainment news site, TMZ, and the social network's video platform are scheduled on Wednesday to launch a branded channel that will feature two or three TMZ clips each week.

Each of the clips, culled from the TMZ arsenal of celebrity-oriented fare, will show for 24 hours on MySpaceTV after their TMZ airing. As many as 15 more TMZ clips will show on MySpaceTV each week on a nonexclusive basis.

MySpaceTV's inventory has been growing lately. On Tuesday, CNET blogger Caroline McCarthy wrote about MySpaceTV's launch of "Special Delivery," which features hidden-camera videos of delivery people being coaxed into ridiculous situations.

TMZ, meanwhile, has deployed Webcams around Los Angeles to increase its chances of catching a celebrity, oh, walking down the sidewalk or eating a hot dog at Pink's Hot Dogs on Melrose. Can't have too much of that if you're Hollywood-obsessed.

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