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TiVo's European push tallies 2.5 million subscribers

The DVR maker manages to make a dent in Europe by working with cable providers Com Hem, Virgin Media, and ONO.

TiVo has built a somewhat large base in Europe, the company announced on Thursday.

The number of people subscribing to TiVo service in Europe has surpassed 2.5 million subscribers, TiVo said on Thursday. TiVo currently partners with pay-TV providers Com Hem in Sweden, Virgin Media in the UK, and ONO in Spain. Tivo said it now covers nearly half of Virgin Media's subscribers and a third of ONO's subscribers.

TiVo's services in Europe center on the idea that consumers want multi-screen access to programming. TiVo's offering allows users to watch pay-TV programming in the home, as well as on mobile devices, and through third-party set-top boxes. TiVo's service sits atop the television programming providers offer, essentially putting the company in partnership with those firms. In the past, TiVo has had a somewhat acrimonious relationship with TV providers over the set-top boxes they offer to customers.

Looking ahead, TiVo says that it will "aggressively" move towards the cloud with its services and plans to launch a network personal video recorder service later this year.