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Tivoli jazzes up NetWorks Internet radio

Tivoli Audio didn't announce any new products at its annual showcase, but it boldly unveiled 13 new finishes for one existing product, its NetWorks Global Audio System.

Tivoli calls this finish Zebra. Tivoli

Tivoli Audio didn't announce any new products at its annual showcase this year in New York, but it did reveal lots of new looks--13 new finishes, in fact--for its NetWorks Internet radio.

The new finishes are broken down into three groups: Texture Collection (four options); Color Collection (six options); and Cappellini, which features three hand-lacquered finishes created by Italian furniture designer Giulio Cappellini (Tivoli will also make its original Model One tabletop AM/FM mono radio available in Cappellini finishes).

Tivoli continues to make firmware upgrades to its existing NetWorks radio, which came out last year, but no new changes have made to the hardware aside from the finishes.

The new models should be available within 90 days and carry the same prices as existing configurations of the NetWorks Global Audio System. The mono version goes for $599, the mono plus embedded FM radio costs $649, the stereo version (with second speaker in a separate enclosure) hits $699, and the line-topping FM/stereo version comes in at $750. If you go the Cappellini route, you're looking at $999 for the FM/stereo configuration (it only comes in this configuration).

We're not so keen on the price, especially when you can get a decent Internet radio for far less these days, but the newly finished radios do look beautiful up close and Tivoli is positioning NetWorks as an interior-design accessory. In other words, picture these guys in trendy lofts and other chic abodes and you'll get an idea where the company is headed with this colorful move, global recession be damned.

This hand-lacquered Cappellini finish is called Chinablue. Tivoli