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Tivoli Audio announces the iYiYi

Tivoli Audio announces the iYiYi

The iYiYi is the latest iPod-friendly AM/FM radio system from Tivoli Audio. Aside from its unique name (pronounced "aye-yai-yai"), the system offers some key distinctions from Tivoli's last iPod dock-equipped radio, the iSongBook: the iYiYi lets you control your iPod with the included credit card remote and it displays RDS info for compatible stations--station and artist info, and so forth. Unlike the portable iSongBook, the iYiYi isn't going anywhere: it's comparatively beefy, at 7.36 inches high by 11.88 wide by 8.66 deep--but its power transformer is internal, so there's no big wall wart on the end of the power cord. It's also an all-in-one stereo unit, as opposed to the detachable speaker of the iSongBook.

Otherwise, the iYiYi offers many of the same features found on the iSongBook (and other Tivoli radios): five radio presets, sleep timer, an alarm clock function (wake to radio, iPod, or a beeping tone), and an LCD readout. If you don't have an iPod--or you've got an older pre-dock version or a Shuffle--you can jack in to the iYiYi's line-in port. Alternately, opt for the mixing input, which allows you to hear an external source (say, your computer) along with whatever else is playing.

The Tivoli Audio iYiYi will retail for $300 and be available in black or white versions. Ideally, it will exhibit the same excellent radio tuner and superior sound quality that we've found in most previous Tivoli radios. We'll put the iYiYi to the test--and see how it stacks up to other iPod speaker solutions--when it ships in the fall of 2006.